2021 Members’ 12×12 Artwork Receipt

Fill out this artwork receipt to submit artwork to the 2021 Members' 12x12 Exhibition and Silent Auction.

Members' 12x12 Artwork Receipt



    By checking this box, you are indicating that ALL proceeds from the sale of your piece go to PAAM. If you do NOT check the box, PAAM receives a 50% commission on the sale of your piece (this is not considered a donation). If you elect to be a 100% to PAAM Artist, you will receive an acknowledgement letter for your taxes, special placement on the exhibition wall, and a special section on the bidding website.
  • The Fine Print

    • One work per artist may be submitted per exhibition. • All exhibited artwork is covered by the Museum’s Exhibition Insurance Policy. PAAM is not responsible for loss or damage to work left beyond the pickup date. • Unsold works are the artist’s responsibility to retrieve or arrange to be shipped. • Work left beyond 90 days of the pickup date becomes property of PAAM. • No work may be withdrawn from the exhibition prior to the closing date. • Artist payments are sent within 30 business days, or 6 weeks.
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