2023 PAAM Party Honorees: Brenda Horowitz and Diana Horowitz

PAAM is proud to present the art of Brenda Horowitz and Diana Horowitz, recipients of PAAM’s Award for Artistic Excellence at The 2023 PAAM Party: Moments of Light and Color on Saturday, September 30.

This is the first exhibition featuring the work of both artists together since 1983.


Brenda Horowitz focuses her artistic output on the outer Cape landscape. Her scrutiny into the colors and shapes of the world around her has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the land, water, sky, and the elemental relationships among them. It is this connection, and her own emotional response to place, that Horowitz has continued to explore and create for decades. 

Brenda is represented by the Berta Walker Gallery in Provincetown.


Diana Horowitz, while a realist in some ways, is also an abstract artist inspired by shapes, geometry, and color. Horowitz paints en plein air and often carries her small canvases around with her, as she chases the light that is so critical to her work. The effects she captures–reflections gleaming off the river’s surface, the sun’s rays filtering through the morning fog, or a dark shadow obscuring the side of a building–are subtle, but lead to the creation of paintings that are nuanced and carefully balanced. 

Diana is represented by Bookstein Projects in New York and the Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown.

Images: Brenda Horowitz, Corn Hill, 2023, acrylic on canvas; Diana Horowitz, Bay Light, 2022, oil on aluminum.