PAAM Traditions Series | Make A White-line Woodblock Print in One Day

With Darrell Smith. Friday, June 3, 9:30am – 3:30pm. Members: $140, Non-Members: $150.

Dive into the history of white-line woodblock printing as an original American art form originating in Provincetown.

This workshop will cover examples from Blanche Lazzell, Grace Martin Taylor, Mabel A. Hewit, and Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt. Students will also learn the step by step process of white-line including image transfer to a pine board, carving a simple matrix with an exacto knife, and the initial paper printing stages with watercolor pigments. Participants will transfer an image to a board using graphite transfer paper, carve v-shaped grooves, attach printing paper, and begin the printing process with boxed water-colors. This portable non-toxic technique can be used to finish the project after the workshop.


Darrell Smith spent summers in Provincetown learning white-line woodblock printing from Kathryn Lee Smith (no relation), who learned the technique from her grandmother Ferol Sibley Warthen. Warthen was taught by Blanche Lazzell in Provincetown. Darrell has also studied the technique with Lisa Houck at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He has exhibited in open and juried shows at the Provincetown Art Association Museum and at The Provincetown Commons and his prints are shown at Julie Heller Gallery East. In 2020, One of his prints was selected for the 50th annual Trail of Tears Art Show held in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.