Growing Color: Blue

With Milisa Moses. Saturday, June 11, 10am -12pm and Wednesday, September 7, 5pm-7pm. Members: $55 for one day, Non-Members: $50 for one day. $100 for both sessions.

BLUE: It defines an era of music as well as marks of time in the art world and can describe complicated feelings with one simple word.

The color of gods, of both sadness and serenity, of sea and sky. Prolific yet elusive, blue can be made from only a few plants on earth. Long part of the artists’ palette, Persicaria tinctoria – indigo, has been used for ages to make pigment and dye. In this workshop series, learn to how to grow, harvest, and extract color to make dried pigment for paint and dyeing cloth. The first session will cover growing indigo along with instruction on how to create color for dyeing and painting; seeds are included. The second session will feature dyeing with fresh leaves creating shades of robin’s egg blue. Classes can be taken alone or as a series. For both sessions, please bring watercolor paper and brushes for painting.


Milisa Simone Moses is a gardener, natural dyer, and writer living on Cape Cod. She works with plants from her garden and from properly foraged, natural materials to create color for art and textiles. She most recently has taught workshops at The Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Castle Hill in Truro, and formerly out of her studio space, Plant Work Shop, in Orleans.