Actualization: Art Reach 2020-2021



Actualization: Art Reach 2020-2021 features the work of young artists in the 2020-2021 Art Reach Program. This program was held remotely with select in-person sessions occurring when possible. Forty-eight students and Mentors met weekly with teaching artists and visiting artists, exploring various projects, mediums, and artists. They participated in field trips, including visits to PAAM, various galleries in Provincetown and Wellfleet, and the White Cedar Swamp at Marconi Beach. Participants hailed from towns throughout the Lower and Outer Cape, represented numerous Cape Cod schools from Provincetown to Hyannis, and joined us from locations as far away as Georgia.


Art Reach is PAAM Education’s premiere award-winning program for youth. Designed to support the growth and development of students over time, from beginner to advanced learner, peer mentor, and teaching artist, Art Reach is comprised of four integrated programs: Art on the Edge (ages 10-13); Art Reach 101 (ages 13-15); Art Reach Studio (ages 15-19); and Art Reach Teaches (open to all participants). Art Reach runs from October – March and is offered free-of-charge, with transportation, materials, and snacks provided.


“As I look at the collection of works created by participants this year, I am overwhelmed by the color, expressions, and emotions they bring to the space. After months of quiet, no youth in the studios, no Saturday morning bus rides with friends, the burst of life and energy this exhibition brings is both necessary and reassuring. Art has long held purpose and meaning and has carried humanity through its darkest hours towards its brightest light. Moving Art Reach out of the studios and into participant homes felt like a leap of faith, we knew we could do it, but would it feel successful? 

Taking in the collection of work created by our young artists, the success is clear. It may have looked and felt different, it may have occurred at kitchen tables, in bedrooms, and the nooks and crannies of homes, but it was Art Reach and in the midst of this most challenging time, Art Reach was everything we hoped it could be. 

To all the young artists out there, well done. You persevered, you rose above, you continued to create and you brought your art to the public so they in turn might experience the colors, expressions and emotions you shared with your peers over the program year. And to the teaching artists and mentors, enormous gratitude. You shifted gears, you reinvented, you rose to the challenge and collectively, we grew with and for one another. 

We welcome you to our exhibition and thank you for sharing in the success of our unique year.”  – Tessa Bry Taylor, Curator of Youth Education 

“Every Saturday at 10 am for 6 months I sat down in front of my computer and opened up zoom to a very lively and committed group of young artists. This is my second year with Art Reach and my first with Art on the Edge. Many of the students have been attending the program for a few years. However the experience we shared through this virtual program was something you only get to have when everyone is doing something for the very first time. 

To be honest I was scared to begin this journey. For me the heart of teaching is forming and sharing a connection, which back in September when I was preparing for this class seemed pretty intangible through Zoom alone. But thank goodness I was wrong. My students made my job so easy. Every week they brought their humor, enthusiasm, and endless want for connection, all of which were so much more powerful than the distance that divided us. 

Like many of you, this will be the first time I am seeing much of this artwork. In the past, I have thought of the finished work of art to be the symbol of accomplishment, of time well spent, signs of learning and growing. Because of the nature of art making over zoom, creating final pieces was not our goal. Instead, I wanted Saturdays to be a time for fun and creativity no matter what the results were. These students have taught me how often the biggest signs of growth go unseen. So as you look around, I encourage you to envision all the laughter and time that is behind the things you see.” – Grace Emmet, Art on the Edge Teaching Artist

“AR 101 participants are pioneers of virtual studio art making. So important to the studio workshop environment is tactile learning where the instructor can see what a student is making, what materials are before them, and the evolution of a particular project from start to finish. A virtual platform restructures this accessibility found in the workshop environment, so we regrouped to learn anew. 

AR 101 is a group of dedicated and serious art students who used the virtual platform to explore new realms of art making, from short improvisational in class drawing and sculpture exercises to involved projects in painting, collage, site-specificity, and public art. For example, visual concepts were introduced to explore the language of teen culture with Project Slang, the idea of intervening on the status quo of environments with a project titled Natural Interventions, and artist Hannah Capra lead a two-session project on reduction printmaking for students to create images in multiples. We had 3 in person sessions at PAAM to engage with the museum’s collection through drawing, performance, and installation.  Simultaneous to these sessions, virtual participants worked with artist Antonia DaSilva on projects in Pointillism and Drawing with Scissors, where they investigated the work of Henri Matisse and Yayoi Kusama to inspire projects. Collectively in every session we looked at and discussed various artists, from Classical to Contemporary, to prompt visual thinking strategies and project ideas. 

AR 101 participants became committed, prolific art makers and articulate examiners of their work and that of their peers. Through the making and evaluation of our work we opened up new ways of seeing, which seems a necessity during these tough pandemic years. Our young artists have triumphed as is demonstrated by the outstanding projects in exhibition here at PAAM. Their futures as artists are bright and I am better as an art educator for working with them all.” – Megan Hinton, Art Reach 101 Teaching Artist

“It was an unusual, productive, and rewarding two semesters for Art Reach Studio. A small close knit group of creative people met twice a week, to explore, to share ideas, and to work, mostly using the Zoom platform as a way to connect. It was a process of discovery, how best to approach art making in a remote setting, but from the very beginning I felt privileged to be welcomed into the home studios of young talented artists.

It felt like a club of sorts where individuals had the freedom to work on projects of interest. We looked at art by a variety of artists, both in person in the museum and in galleries, and through slideshows on the computer screen. We painted, collaged, made woodcuts, animations, bound books, and did some plein air work during the month of March. When necessary, we cheered each other up and encouraged each other to have fun while making work. It seemed right to allow everyone the opportunity to focus on what interested them most. Teaching felt very collaborative with the addition of Antonia and Dominique as mentors, and the visiting artists who joined us on Zoom and outdoors in person. Every meeting felt like a new adventure and a hopeful way to spend time.

This time was not without its struggles but the work produced by the participants is some of the best and most heartfelt I have experienced. The future of Art Reach feels solid and vital.” – Vicky Tomayko, Art Reach Studio Teaching Artist

Art on the Edge 

Grace Emmet, Teaching Artist 

Eli Tichnor, Mentor Reaching Forward Mentor Program

Kiah Coble, Teaching Artist, Reaching Forward Mentor Program 

Olivia Barker, Emma Carter, Hugo Ceraldi, Violette Ceraldi, Elin Crout, Emir Demir, Felipe Diaz, Isaiah Edwards, Georgina Gluck, Charlie Jordan, Derek Jordan, Wilson Kerr-Havey, Ivet Nankova, Jedediah Noble, Helena Pabot, Katelyn Souza, Sophia Votteler

Art Reach 101 

Megan Hinton, Teaching Artist

Antonia DaSilva, Assistant Teaching Artist

Hannah Capra, Assistant Teaching Artist

Kathryn Barker, Brooke Bilowz, Emily Carr, Margaret Conrad, Isabel Dion-Chase, Issy Hartsgrove, Celia Hayward, Saffy Jalbert, Avery Kinnane, Iona Kaplan, Ava Needel, Lillian Rego, Alyia Vasquez, Niev Witnauer, Natalya Woodman, Calie Wotherspoon  

Art Reach Studio 

Vicky Tomayko, Teaching Artist

Antonia DaSilva, Assistant Teaching Artist

Dominique Pecce, Assistant Teaching Artist

Helen Carrier, Swanhi Egeli, Lucas Erving, Ella Grimm, Baylie Hartford, Mary Keyes