Application Guidelines

Reviewing these application guidelines is an important step to making the application process go smoothly.

We recommend compiling required submission materials in advance so that you are prepared to provide them in the online application when prompted. If you have questions after reading through these guidelines and the FAQs (here), please contact Milisa (


Complete and on-time applications are reviewed by the Grant Review Committee. The jurors of the Committee are comprised of three nationally renowned artists, art historians, or curators. Incomplete or late applications are not reviewed. The review process is anonymous. Your name therefore should only be on the Personal Information section of the Application Form.


The review criteria for the grant are artistic quality, creative ability as evidenced by images of work submitted, and financial need.


The 2022 grant cycle has closed. Please join the Grant Mailing list at the bottom of this page to be informed of the release of the 2023 Grant Application.

Artists interested in applying should:

  1. Review these grant guidelines to ensure eligibility before you begin the application.
  2. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you have additional questions regarding eligibility that are not answered, please email Milisa (
  3. Complete the online application.


Please have these materials prepared prior to beginning the application. Responses can either be entered directly into the online application or uploaded as pdfs to the online application.

  • Personal Information: name, contact info, age, residency status.
  • 10 jpg images: We encourage you to submit a suite of works which are related to one another. A cohesive body of work often allows jurors to get a better feeling for you as an artist. Also, work created in the past few years exemplifies that you are continuing to work and creating new works, which many jurors feel is important. We recommend you submit at least five (5) works from the last few years. These are our recommendations and not required. In addition, we encourage you to submit clear, high resolution images.
  • Image List: A list of your 10 images including title, date, dimensions, and medium.
  • Artist Statement: A statement of no more than 500 words that expands on the images you presented. You may give details about your process and practice and how painting fits into your practice (is it central or do you also work in other media?), what inspires you to create the work, or any other relevant background information about the body of work presented.
  • Essay: Describe in 500 words of less on how the grant would help you in your practice.
  • Resume: 500 words or less.
  • Financial Disclosure (see details below).


This is the information based on your 2020 or 2021 finances you’ll submit so that we may fairly and accurately evaluate your need in the online application.

  1. Household Size: The number of people who reside in your household, including Adults and Children (age 18 or younger).
  2. W2 Reporting: List of wages, tips, and other compensation from employment as reported on W2 Income Tax Forms (excluding art sales) for yourself and spouse.
  3. Schedule C Reporting (if applicable) for yourself and spouse: Profit or loss from a sole proprietorship (self-employment).
     Annual art sales gross
     Other Schedule C Gross
     Schedule C Total Expenses
     Specific schedule C occupation if other than an artist.
  4. Additional Annual Income for yourself and spouse: All other sources of income, category and amount, such as Social Security, SSI, pensions, annuities, IRA distributions, military pay, disability, public assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, monetary contributions from outside sources, unemployment benefits, grants/scholarships, alimony, child support, inheritances, trusts, capital gains, lottery winnings, settlements, rental real estate, royalties, partnerships, S Corporations, additional financial assistance in excess of tuition, etc.
  5. Combined Net Worth of Applicant and Spouse.
     Real Estate Assets (including those in trust) less mortgage
     Current Checking and Savings Balances
     Current Investment Balances including retirement
  6. Financial differences/changes/shifts: A brief explanation of any significant financial changes in the past 3 years or the near foreseeable future.
Image: Lillian Orlowsky (1914-2004), Still Life (aka By the Sea) c. late 40s, PAAM Collection, Gift from the estate of Lillian Orlowsky, 2007