Hall of Frames: Art Reach Student Exhibition

A hall of frames can represent many things; frames of reference, of mind, of experience, understanding and being.

This year, Art Reach provided to each of us a return to familiar spaces and the frames of experience those spaces provide. The Museum School Studios here at PAAM were once again alive with young artists and their creative energy, filled to the brim with making, talking and playing after eighteen months of quiet. The presses were dusted off, the materials engaged to their fullest use, and the walls finally filled with sources of inspiration and frames of reference to support the artists in their work.

Although we continued to navigate the challenges of an ongoing pandemic, it was undeniable a return to the studios and to the familiar frames of experience they provide was of utmost positivity for the program and the artists. They were granted the opportunity to reflect and review their multitude of individual frames and graciously leaned into witnessing and learning from the frames of those with whom they shared the space. We are, as always, impressed, humbled and above all, grateful to each of the young artists who participated in Art Reach this year.

Thank you artists, for your contribution, time, and artistry; for sharing yourselves and your thoughts; for being a source of support and encouragement for one another. You each worked through many frames in the creation of this exhibition and I hope you will experience the same as you witness your collective work today with your loved ones. Congratulations!

– Tessa Bry Taylor, Curator of Youth Education


Art on the Edge is: Grace Emmet, Teaching Artist; Angel Blood, Mentor; Juniper O’Campbell, Mentor; Benny Powers, Mentor; Eli Tichnor, Mentor; and Student Artists: Angela Burris Mendoza, Aylen von Hausen, Bro Jordan, Charlotte Harper-Harriman, Delilah Lord, Ella Coccoro, Emma Bartz, Felipe Dìaz, Isabella Wirthwein, Lucielle Edwards, Maia Rollins, Phoebe Donahue, Riley Messick, Stella Feen, Taylor Brigham.

Art Reach 101 is: Megan Hinton, Teaching Artist; Antonia DaSilva, Assistant Teaching Artist; Kayleigh Brown, Mentor; Matha Flanagan, Mentor; Vayda Smith, Mentor; and Student Artists: Charlie Jordan, Dustin O’Campbell, Elin Crout, Eva Edwards, Francesca Kremer, Hugo Ceraldi, Isaiah Edwards, Ivet Nankova, Jedidiah Noble, Julie Da Silva, Kate Donovan, Laney Fox, Leah Archambault, Leo Riikonen, Maria Castro, Jet Reis, Tallulah Clifford, Wilson Kerr-Havey.

Art Reach Studio is: Vicky Tomayko, Teaching Artist; Antonia DaSilva, Assistant Teaching Artist; and Student Artists: Annika van der Wende, Arianeliz Reyes-Cruz, Avery Kinnane, Coletta Slivka, Eliana Galazzi, Emerson Still, Emily Carr, Evaluna Hobart, Lillian Rego, Lily Elmer, Margaret Conrad, Natalya Woodman, Saffron Jalbert, Xanti Hassan.


Art Reach is PAAM Education’s premiere award-winning program for youth. Designed to support the growth and development of students over time, from beginner to advanced learner, peer mentor, and teaching artist, Art Reach is comprised of four integrated programs: Art on the Edge (ages 10-13); Art Reach 101 (ages 13-15); Art Reach Studio (ages 15-19); and Reaching Forward, our mentor / youth employment program (ages 16+). Art Reach runs from October – March and is offered free-of-charge, with transportation, materials, and snacks provided.

After two challenging years, the 2021-2022 Art Reach program was held back in person, with select remote sessions occurring during the month of January. Over the course of the program, fifty participants and seven Mentors met weekly with teaching artists and visiting artists, exploring various projects, mediums, and artists and styles. They explored and reflected upon their own work as well as that of their peers, spent time with PAAM exhibitions and the permanent collection, & visited galleries throughout Provincetown. Participants hailed from towns throughout the lower and outer cape and represented numerous Cape Cod schools from Provincetown to Hyannis.

Art Reach runs in tandem with the Reaching Forward Mentor Program, a youth employment program for those seeking to develop their skills as artists, mentors, and leaders. Mentors work alongside Art Reach teaching artists to support participants in their work, to help build the community of the program, and to provide a role model for younger participants. Tessa Bry Taylor & Grace Emmet served as the lead facilitators for the program this year.

Image: Maximus Lupien, Don’t Look at Me or Else