Members’ Juried



PAAM IS OPEN BY RESERVATION ONLY, MAKE YOUR RESERVATION HERE.Each year PAAM mounts upwards of 6 members’ open and juried exhibitions in which participants display their work alongside some of America’s most noteworthy artists.

Members’ Exhibitions at PAAM represent the work of contemporary artist-members of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Many of these artists live on Cape Cod either full-time or for part of the year. While the work varies greatly in media and approach, each artist-member joins a long roster of distinguished artists who have studied, taught, and exhibited at PAAM over the past 100 years. There is no submission fee for members’ exhibitions, but membership must be valid for the duration of the exhibition.

Juried exhibitions at PAAM represent a smaller cross-section of member artists whose work has been chosen by a guest curator after being submitted. Each show reflects the aesthetic judgment and curatorial eye of invited jurors. Any member in good standing may submit their work for consideration. There is no theme or size restriction for this exhibition.


Susan Ahearn, Ramon Alcolea, Lennie Alickman, Ellen Anthony, Cid Bolduc, Elizabeth Brooke, Rosemary Broton Boyle, Jim Broussard, Rebecca Bruyn, Margaret Burdick, Joanne Burdick, Carolyn Callahan, Karen Cappotto, Mikael Carstanjen, John Clayton, Larry Collins, Patricia Crow, Barbara Doyle, Grace Emmet, Carol Fitzsimons, Taylor Fox, Rebecca Gmucs, Jo Hay, Robert Henry, Megan Hinton, Stephen Hooper, Grace Hopkins, John Howard, Valerie Isaacs, Priscilla Jackett, Sheryl Jaffe, Paul Kelly, Kathleen Kendall, Leslie Kramer, Gaston Lacombe, Ryan Landry, Elizabeth Lazeren, Corinne Le Goff, Alexandra Leaver, Robert Leaver, Jane Lincoln, Rob Longley, Donna Mahan, Joan Cobb Marsh, Kate McConnell, Deb Mell, Sara Moran, Maria Negulescu, Christine Niles, Nicolas Nobili, Mary Ann O’Loughlin, Rachel Paolino, Jane Paradise, Nick Peterson-Davis, Claudia  Piehler, Anna Poor, Alice Prussin, Pamela Redick, Maryrose Reynolds, Kurt Reynolds, Sian Robertson, Laurence Sachs, Andrea Sawyer, Kitt Schaffer, Pat Schomer, Lew Schwartz, Jean Smith, Darrell Smith, Margot Stage, Joe Trepiccione, Elizabeth Anne Wickham, Rowan Wielblad, Mike Wright, Martha Zinn


Jurors Polly Burnell and Pasquale Natale

Polly Burnell is an artist and former member of the PAAM exhibitions committee. Burnell has lived and worked in Provincetown for over 20 years, received a FAWC Fellowship in 1993-1994, and showed her work in a two-person exhibition with Irene Lipton (curated by Donald Beal) at PAAM in 2007.

Through her intimate, expressionist landscapes, Burnell reveals an acute sensitivity for living things, time, and vibrant forms and shapes. Her paintings present an intriguing series of paradoxes; they are both simple yet complex, mysterious yet comprehendible. Influenced by Marsden Hartley and Arthur Dove, Burnell’s body of work deepens and expands upon the definition of American Modernist style.

Pasquale Natale is an artist, curator, and collector who is well-known in the Provincetown art scene for his works which explore the intersection of narratives and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. After graduating from the Boston Museum School of Fine Art in the 1960s, Natale moved to Provincetown in the mid-1980s.

Natale has curated a host of exhibitions at PAAM, including Positive AlliancesThe Art Colony’s First CenturyEmerging Artists (2007), James Hansen RetrospectiveSusan Baker, Painting a Building, Building a PaintingJames Balla, Into the Blue Again, and Couples/Duos. Natales’ work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions at Berta Walker Gallery, the Schoolhouse Gallery, the Albert Merola Gallery, and at AMP.


“First I would like to say that I very much enjoyed working with Polly Burnell—it flowed and seemed we were in sync and I think the show looks lovely. When I have curated shows there is a selection or jurying process involved, what to put in, leave out, what might be a maybe, but in the end it’s about what best works for the show. It’s hard to say no, this will not work in this show, too big, to demanding of space etc. I have been juried out in the past of PAAM members shows, I know how it feels, not nice. But in the end it’s just someone’s opinion. Period. Be thick of skin.

Now about the experience—it got my creative juices, which have been lazy of late, really awakened and flowing. Three hours of adrenaline and lots of mental and physical movement. I loved it, I recommend it. I slept very well that night. I thank Chris McCarthy for the opportunity to do it especially during this time of unrest in our country.” – Pasquale Natale