Members’ Juried

Members' Juried exhibition at PAAM, Fall 2021

Each year PAAM mounts upwards of 5 members’ open and juried exhibitions in which participants display their work alongside some of America’s most noteworthy artists.

These exhibitions represent the work of PAAM’s contemporary artist-members, many of whom live on Cape Cod either full-time or for part of the year. While the work varies greatly in media and approach, each artist-member joins a long roster of distinguished artists who have studied, taught, and exhibited at PAAM over the past 100 years. There is no submission fee for members’ exhibitions, but membership must be up to date.

Juried exhibitions at PAAM represent a smaller cross-section of member artists whose work has been chosen by a guest curator after being submitted. Each show reflects the aesthetic judgment and curatorial eye of the invited curator. Any member in good standing may submit their work for consideration. Except in special circumstances, Juried exhibitions do not have themes or size restrictions.

Artist Guidelines



Drop-Off Day is Tuesday, January 31 from 12-4pm. There is no size restriction for this exhibition, and no theme. Artwork must be dry and equipped with a hanging device upon arrival.

Membership must be valid through March, 2023–anyone can join or renew online here or at Drop-Off. Our Membership List is updated a final time the morning of Drop-Off, so if you need to renew on that day it’s typically best for you to take care of that at Drop-Off instead of online.

You can submit your Artwork Receipt online here–it will save you the time of filling out the receipt at Drop-Off. We’ll remove the online Artwork Receipt the morning of Drop-Off Day, so if you miss that window you can just fill out a receipt when you’re here.

If you can’t make it on Drop-Off Day, you’re welcome to drop off the prior week when the Museum is open: Thursday-Sunday from 12-5pm. Due to the quick installation turn-over we cannot accommodate late submissions, so consider 1/31 your absolute deadline.

We’ll announce selected artists by email and on our Facebook page no later than Thursday, 2/2 at 3pm. If your work is not selected, please come pick up your piece during Museum hours: Thursday-Sunday from 12-5pm.


Shipped works must arrive by Tuesday, January 31. Please either submit the online Artwork Receipt or include a printed copy.

Would you like us to ship your work back to you? We charge a $15 handling fee in addition to the cost of shipping. PAAM cannot ascertain the shipping costs prior to packaging and weighing the artwork for return. You may send us a prepaid FedEx, UPS, or USPS return shipping label and $15 handling fee (either a $15 check or a credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code); send us a blank check to cover shipping and handling costs; or provide us your shipping and payment information.


If your piece was not selected for this exhibition, we’d appreciate it if you picked up ASAP during Museum hours: Thursday-Sunday, 12-5pm (we don’t have a lot of storage space!). Pick-Up Day for included works is Tuesday, May 2 from 12-4pm.

Artwork Receipt

Submit this form to cut down on time filling out paperwork in person! You may also submit this form when you ship your piece.


  • The Fine Print

    • One work per artist may be submitted per exhibition. • All exhibited artwork is covered by the Museum’s Exhibition Insurance Policy. PAAM is not responsible for loss or damage to work left beyond the pickup date. • Unsold works are the artist’s responsibility to retrieve or arrange to be shipped. • Work left beyond 90 days of the pickup date becomes property of PAAM. • No work may be withdrawn from the exhibition prior to the closing date. • Artist payments are sent within 30 business days, or 6 weeks.
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