Members’ Juried

Please note: the opening reception for this exhibition has been rescheduled to Friday, February 10 from 6-8pm.

Each year PAAM mounts upwards of 5 members’ open and juried exhibitions in which participants display their work alongside some of America’s most noteworthy artists.

These exhibitions represent the work of PAAM’s contemporary artist-members, many of whom live on Cape Cod either full-time or for part of the year. While the work varies greatly in media and approach, each artist-member joins a long roster of distinguished artists who have studied, taught, and exhibited at PAAM over the past 100 years. There is no submission fee for members’ exhibitions, but membership must be up to date.

Juried exhibitions at PAAM represent a smaller cross-section of member artists whose work has been chosen by a guest curator after being submitted. Each show reflects the aesthetic judgment and curatorial eye of the invited curator. Any member in good standing may submit their work for consideration. Except in special circumstances, Juried exhibitions do not have themes or size restrictions.


Midge Battelle, Susan Bridges, Elizabeth Brooke, Bo Atwood Brooks, Peter Cameron, Michael Costello, Michael Davis, Greg Delory, Alice Denison, Joerg Dressler, William Evaul, Carol Fitzsimons, Taylor Fox, Michelangelo Giaquinto, Chris Gillis, Robert Glisson, Linda Graham, William Hamlin, Peter Kalill, Paul Kelly, Jane Kogan, Alexandra Leaver, Derek Macara, Keith MacLelland, Maureen McCarron, Jay McDermott, Ann McQueen, Russ Miller, Dean Moran, Pasquale Natale, Christopher Nicholson, Jamie O’Neill, Nate Olin, Carla Osberg, Pamela Redick, Paul Rizzo, James Ryan, Anne Salas, Andrea M. Sawyer, Merritt Schnipper, Paul Schulenburg, Darrell Smith, Mark Tremblay, Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer, Michael Walden, and Mike Wright.



The number of submissions for this show was particularly large as was the pool of sophisticated, high quality work to choose from. Many wonderful artworks were not chosen for the simple reason that there wasn’t space for everything. We selected a group of exceptional pieces which we feel creates dynamic conversations among the wide variety of styles. It was a joy to work again with my good friend of many years, David Foley, a great painter and one whose aesthetic sensibility very often synchronizes with my own.


Curating an exhibition from several rooms full of fine artworks is a daunting task. I was pleased to undertake this task with my friend and colleague, Larry Collins, with whom I’ve worked, collaborated, shared studio space and spent countless hours looking at and discussing art and art history. For this show, we selected works of various styles and media with an eye toward creating a dynamic and complementary show, representative of the broad variety of work being created by PAAM’s artist members.

Many thanks to Chris McCarthy, Jim Zimmerman and everyone at PAAM for all their assistance. Special thanks to the more than 200 artists who submitted works for our consideration. It is an honor to have been entrusted with this responsibility.

Artist Guidelines



If your piece was not selected for this exhibition, we’d appreciate it if you picked up ASAP during Museum hours: Thursday-Sunday, 12-5pm (we don’t have a lot of storage space!). Pick-Up Day for included works is Tuesday, May 2 from 12-4pm.


Would you like us to ship your work back to you? We charge a $15 handling fee in addition to the cost of shipping. PAAM cannot ascertain the shipping costs prior to packaging and weighing the artwork for return. You may send us a prepaid FedEx, UPS, or USPS return shipping label and $15 handling fee (either a $15 check or a credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code); send us a blank check to cover shipping and handling costs; or provide us your shipping and payment information using the form below.

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