[Online] Deep Dive: Painting Water Using Watercolors

With Lisa Goren. Tuesdays, March 1-15, 6:30-8:30pm. Members: $150, Non-Members: $160.

This workshop came about from student requests to teach specifically about painting water using watercolors.

Each of the three sessions focusses on a particular issue/challenge and, with relevant assignments, helps students learn to see and portray that most elusive of subjects.

Sessions start with a discussion/demo and then work with the particular challenges the group details. While there are assignments, the point is to help the artist/students learn to paint what they’re interested in painting. So we may spend more time on oceans, ponds, or reflections, etc., depending on the direction of the class participants.

Painting water CAN be done! Learn to embrace this exciting challenge!


Lisa Goren was born in California and raised in NYC. And yet she has dreamed of Polar landscapes since she was in her teens. Her first trip to Antarctica inspired her to capture this world. Travels to Iceland and Alaska followed. Her watercolors show an unfamiliar landscape in a new light by using vibrant colors and taking risks with different surfaces. They create questions about the nature of abstraction and our planet with her representations of unfamiliar, threatened terrains. 

Earning a place on the 2013 Arctic Circle Residency, she chronicled the journey in the New York Times (http://nyti.ms/1PAO5mr). 

During the Pandemic, she has been working on smaller paintings of animals in “human” spaces as well as portraits of health care workers (chosen to be in The Best Art Created by Washington Post Readers During the Pandemic by Washington Post).

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