ART OF THE GARDEN: Double Bloom. Rebecca Hutchinson & Joan Snyder


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Catalogue in conjunction with the PAAM exhibition 2021.


From the Curator:

“In this exhibition, the iconic and bold artwork of renowned painter Joan Snyder is juxtaposed with the ephemeral and expansive ceramic sculptures of internationally-exhibiting sculptor Rebecca Hutchinson, offering two different, yet symbiotic, approaches to contemporary image-making. Both artists powerfully express physical embodiment and grace, and both work with non-traditional mediums, yet their processes and finished work are each unique, making unique work with, for this show, similar themes.

Rebecca Hutchinson:
Hutchinson creates large-scale wall sculptures in mixed media that combines clay with Handmade paper. She uses harvested natural materials and recycles used domestic natural fiber individually as handmade paper in combination with clay. She constructs wall sculpture and site-specific works  with hand built, dipped, layered blooms assembled through which one can see the process of growth, how blooms begin to expand and create form. The willow sapling grids, seemingly fragile and thin, are the structures in which clay and handmade paper florets are supported, adding a tension that is at once mysterious and integral.

Joan Snyder:
Snyder’s work, which spans over fifty years, also brings together non-traditional materials to the canvas, such as burlap, cheesecloth, dried flowers, poppy pods, papier-mâché, glitter, mud, and twigs. Her process is in full view, spontaneous but methodically worked, with marks and strokes. In the early 70’s the grid which was used to deconstruct and retell the story of abstract painting, was abandoned around the mid 70’s and she began to incorporate symbols and text into the paintings. Her work is personal and autobiographical, expressing a unique vocabulary that creates its own language.

Snyder and Hutchinson together bring a personal narrative to this show, drawing on combined decades of experimentation with earthly materials, and “whatever they could get their hands on,” according to Snyder. Hutchinson says her work is “charged on an ecological level, charged politically, and charged with gender.” Their work is alive, complicated, exciting and has a shared but differing vision.

The exhibition reprises and renews a show which brought together works by Snyder in tandem with sculptures by Hutchinson at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill Gallery in 2016. I am excited to bring these artists together again, five years later, on the walls of the beautiful venue of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum in Provincetown. Many thanks to Chris McCarthy for hosting this show. Enjoy!”

– Curator Cherie Mittenthal