DR. FALKE’S ORACULUM: An Unbound Book of Images and Texts for Augury and Bibliomancy


By Kahn and Selesnick

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A shufflable feast for fools and mummers. Step in querent, and join the dance!

The Oraculum continues the adventures of the Truppe Fledermaus, a cabaret troupe of anxious mummers and would-be mystics who catalogue their absurdist attempts to augur a future that seems increasingly in peril due to environmental pressures and global turmoil. Presented as an unbound collection of photographs and text, the Oraculum is by turns a travelogue, an oracle, an art book, a box of prints, a meditation on the future, and an instruction manual of interpretative dance moves. The loose nature of the pages allow the viewer to treat this volume as a bibliomancy oracle where pages can be shuffled and selected at random to receive messages and prophecy, much as one uses the tarot and other cartomancy decks.