PAAM 2011 exhibition catalogue

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Exhibition catalogue featuring paintings, drawings, and brushed stainless steel sculpture.

Born 1941 in New York City, Judith Trepp spent her formative summers in Provincetown where she attended Seong Moy’s art classes and began the practice of her drawing methodology. A graduate of Bard College, Trepp was one of the initial residents of Westbeth (NYC), the first federally sponsored housing for artists.

She says, “Additional impulses for my artwork come from travels in the tribal areas of India, recurrent visits to various parts of Japan, and forays to Burma, Syria, and Morocco, as well as the closer European cities. The resulting personal understanding of transnationalism, and the interest in the communality as well as the diversity of nations and cultures are an important part of my life and, hence, my work.”

Throughout, the clear leitmotif in Trepp’s work is the concern with the emotional division of space and, as she has stated, “absolute motion, active stillness.”


PAAM exhibition dates: August 19 – October 2, 2011