Kahn + Selesnick: 100 Views of the Drowning World, an Unbound, Shufflable Artbook


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Against a backdrop of ecological decline, this memoir/travelogue follows an itinerant theatrical troupe, Truppe Fledermaus, as they stage absurdist performances in various locations including Europe, America, and Japan. In these performances the Truppe are as apt to commemorate the passing of an unusual cloud as they are to be found documenting their own attempts to flee the rising waters of a warming planet or using black humor to comment on the extinction of bats and other animals.

The book, whose physical design format is modeled on Ukiyo-e series such as Hiroshige’s One Hundred Views of Edo, contains photographs of the Truppe, their travels, and their performances with corresponding text narrating the images. It is the author’s preference to have the pages of the book be loose and non-linear so that readers can explore the images and story in any order they prefer. As the incidents related in the book are frequently based on the artist’s personal experiences and travels, the reader is led to speculate about the somewhat arbitrary manner in which we build narratives out of our own experiences.

104 unbound pages in a band and slipcase, published by Candela Books.