LONG POINT: An Artists’ Place, 1977-1998


PAAM 2012 exhibition catalogue

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Pinpointing a specific moment or period of time in which a group of artists collectively achieved a level of camaraderie, respect, and mutual admiration is somewhat of an idealized, almost unbelievable, theory, yet this happened in Provincetown by a group of artists who made up the Long Point Gallery from 1977 -1998. The Provincetown Art Association and Museum is pleased to present ‘Long Point: An Artists’ Place’ a celebration of artistic passion and the enduring attraction to showcase the art that we continue to champion.

By Mary Ellen Abell


Long Point Gallery

‘The founding members were Varujan Boghosian, Fritz Bultman, Carmen Cicero, Sideo Fromboluti, Edward Giobbi, Budd Hopkins, Rick Klauber, Leo Manso, Robert Motherwell, Paul Resika, Judith Rothschild, Sidney Simon, Nora Speyer, and Tony Vevers. Later in the gallery’s history Robert Beauchamp, Paul Bowen, Gilbert Franklin, Dimitri Hadzi, Renate Ponsold, and Michael Mazur also became members. Some notable friends of the gallery were Nassos Daphnis, Jack Tworkov, and Myron Stout. The gallery’s first director was Rick Librizzi.’

ref. Smithsonian Online Virtual Archive