MANUEL PARDO: Universo Soñado in Technicolor


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Manuel Pardo: Universo Soñado in Technicolor (a universe dreamed in Technicolor) is a two-hundred-and-thirty-page full-color book published on the occasion of the exhibition Manuel Pardo-Stardust: at the Cal State University Fullerton, Begovich Gallery, April 9-May 12, 2011. Drawing from his life experiences, pop culture and fine art references, Pardo has developed a distinctly unique style; his comic strip and cartoon influenced figures and imagery are constructed of pert flat local color, ornate handcrafted lines and decorative patterns. He routinely works in series of repeated like images with slight variations. Just beyond the sensual appeal of Pardo’s drawings and paintings are pointed references to gender, mortality, ethnicity and other issues regarding the human condition-not the least of which is his struggle with sexual identity and acceptance as a gay male Cuban American.