NAKED: Drawings by Dermot Meagher


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The drawings in this book are not ‘studies.’ They are complete in themselves. I draw en plein air out in the open, with the model in front of me in natural light.

For most of these drawings my studio has been the ever moving shady section of sand beside and in front of me in a beach chair under an umbrella on the beach in the hot sun. I don’t want to get sun burnt and I don’t want the subjects of my drawings to see what I’m doing. I’m not as concerned about getting a likeness as much as I want to capture a pose, attitude or the moment. Although some of these models are friends, most of them I don’t know and I have no control over their movements. If I don’t get all of them down on the paper before they move, so be it. The drawing is done.

The drawings were made on watercolor paper or rough Nepalese fiber paper. I draw with pen and ink, often Sumi Ink, the beautiful dense Japanese ink, or a similar Chinese Ink, both made from charcoal, which tones down to an infinity of grays depending on how much water is added. Very occasionally I also use Walnut (brown) Ink or watercolor. Titles have been added in preparation for and anticipation of this book. These people are characters. I think they look more dignified naked than they would if they were dressed.