Provincetown 100 Years as an Arts Community


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This Summer 1999 exhibition catalogue/booklet features Provincetown artists: Elise Asher, Susan Baker, Midge Battelle, Paul Bowen, Fritz Bultman, Peter Busa, Nanno DeGroot, Salvatore Del Del, William Freed, Sideo Fromboluti, John Grillo, Chaim Gross, Peter Hutchinson, M.P. Landis, James Lechay, Philip Malicoat, Lillian Orlowsky, Haynes Ownby, Jim Peters, Paul Resika, Alvin Ross, Marion Roth, Judith Shahn, Sidney Simon, Kathi Smith, Kenneth Stubbs, Tony Vevers, Peter Watts, and others.

It also includes a list of participating New York and Provincetown galleries, as well as a list of Fine Arts Work Center fellows.

(black & white illustrations)