SAUDADE by Mischa Richter


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Mischa Richter photographs taken in Provincetown, accompanied by a poem by Nick Flynn.

Saudade is a Portuguese word with no exact English translation. If you ask one of these islanders what he means by it, he will say that he is sad, but something more than sad — homesick, for a home that no longer exists, and in his own life never did exist; he longs for something “again,” and the longing is so acute that it hurts and saddens — yet he cannot tell you what it is he longs for! And that, as nearly as he is likely to explain it, is the Saudade.


“Saudade’’ contemplates a Provincetown that feels lost to memory, but it’s not. The people in most of the portraits are local stalwarts. Most of the scenes Richter captures have not changed. Still, the exhibit weighs with loss and abandonment, and the sense that while much of what it portrays is still here, the community has, in many ways, moved on.

Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe


PAAM exhibition: August 27 – October 24, 2010