SEE IT LOUD: Seven Post-War American Painters


Catalogue for The National Academy Museum exhibition (September 26, 2013 – January 26, 2014)

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Since its founding in 1825, the National Academy has been dedicated to the promotion of American art and architecture through exhibition and education. As a tripartite institution, comprising museum, art school, and honorary association of peer elected National Academician artists and architects, it is uniquely positioned to uphold this mission.

It is in this spirit that we enthusiastically present the exhibition SEE IT LOUD; Seven Post-War American Painters drawn from the collection of the Center for Figurative Painting. The exhibition explores the work of seven accomplished artists all of whom it turns out are National Academicians: Leland Bell, Paul Georges, Peter Heinemann, Albert Kresch, Stanley Lewis, Paul Resika, and Neil Welliver. This group of painters all working during the post war years and mostly in New York  City emerged in the wake of Abstract Expressionism and forged an original and dynamic synthesis between representational imagery and the principles of abstraction.