TONY VEVERS: Retrospective


PAAM 2000 exhibition catalogue

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If there has not yet been a study of how early memories reflect mature philosophy, there should be. In a 1986 catalogue essay, Tony Vevers describes his earliest childhood recollection of being set out in his mother’s garden where he absorbed the bright, warm sunshine on his skin. This is not to prepare a case for Vevers’s art as especially sunny and lighthearted; nor to describe the man himself as a modern-day Candide, cultivating his garden — although his youthful wartime pilgrimage does have a Voltaire-esque quality to it. Vevers’s domestic memory is significant because his work seems to spring from a secure and fertile place; one nourished by sincere reflection, self-questioning, and total disregard for fads or fashion.

Excerpt from the catalogue essay by Ann Wilson Lloyd

Provincetown Art Association and Museum exhibition:  June 2 – July 4, 2000.