The Members’ 12×12 Exhibition and Silent Auction

Exhibition Checklist:
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Every summer PAAM members sell their artwork and raise funds for PAAM in the 12×12 silent auction. With 300+ submissions, the 12×12 exhibition is a significant fundraiser for PAAM and one of the best ways for artist members to get their work noticed.

All pieces have a starting bid of $125, and climb by demand until the final minutes of the exhibition. Artist-members sell their work at 50% commission, winning bidders get wonderful artworks, and PAAM gets 50% commission, or 100% if the artists donate to PAAM. It’s a win-win-win!

The Members’ 12×12 Exhibition and Silent Auction is PAAM’s largest annual membership drive. Memberships valid through at least March, 2020 are being honored for this exhibition, but we would be so grateful if you renewed early (we’ll be sure to extend your existing membership). Memberships that expired in February, 2020 or earlier must be renewed prior to submitting. Visit the Members section on our website to learn more about memberships or to join or renew.





Select “Register Now.”

  • Did you bid on a 12×12 last year? You might already have an account! To find out, select sign in and use your login info from last year. If you don’t remember it, select “forgot username or password” and go through the steps to retrieve your info.


Find a piece.

  • Scroll through the 12x12s and click on your selection. Artwork is arranged alphabetically by artist last name, and all bids begin at $125.

Place your bid.

  • Add your credit card, then place your bid.
  • You’ll receive a text message if you’ve been out-bid. Use the “auto bid” function to place a maximum bid—this means you don’t have to keep checking in on the bids, and you only spend as much as you’re willing.


Keep bidding!

  • Select “View List” in the upper left-hand corner. This brings you back to the main screen with the list of all of the 12x12s.


100% to PAAM Artists donate their 50% sales commission back to PAAM, and in return receive an acknowledgement letter for their taxes, special placement on the exhibition wall, and a special section on the bidding website.

Leo Allen, Jackie Bain, Walter Baranowski, Corbett Barrow, Janet Beattie, Izzy Berdan, Jeff Blum, Heather Blume, George  Booth, Jim Broussard, Jo Leal Clark, Meg  Clarke, Barbara   Cohen, Marilyn Lober Colucci, Maryellen Considine-Woolley, Stef Cooper, David  Cornelius, Bonnell Marie Cotnoir, Paul Cunningham, Henrietta Davis, Larry Decker, Greg Delory, Marianne deVaux, Linda Dujack, Ed Dusek, Jesse Ensling, Martha  Fagan, Helene Falcon, Lee Ann Fanning, Mark Farber, Joe Fattori, James Frederick, Pam French, Mary Fox, Sandra Ginnis, Linda Graham, Deborah Greenwood, Jayne Guertin, Sharon   Hayes, Nick Heaney, Francine Hiller, Susan Hollis, Paul Kelly, Joseph Kerr, Marianne Kinzer, Tony Kirman, Bernard  Lacasse, Robert Leaver, Alex  Leaver, Jane  Lincoln, Robin Litwin, Rob Longley, Kelle Louaillier, Karen  Matthews, Sonia Flanders McArdle, Cherie Mittenthal, Jerre S.  Moriarty, Anne Morse, Jeff Mulliken, Julie Murphy, Edie Nadelhaft, Gail  O’Connor, Maeve O’Donovan, Brian  O’Malley, Carol  Odell, Susan Overstreet, Susan  Pecora, Susan Pierce, Jennifer Pinck, Linda Povey, Alice Prussin, Hugo Rizzoli, Dave  Roberts , Kerstin Roolfs, Marian  Roth , Monica Rozak, Earline Rubel, Laurence Sachs, Ingrid  Scheibler, Mariellen  Serena, Laura Shabott, Dick Singer, Gail  Skudera, Darrell Smith, R.S. Steinberg, Jen Stello, Seth Stevens, Lenore Tenenblatt, Shelley Vermilya, Dale Michaels  Wade, Michael  Walczak, Michael Walden, Bernadette Waystack, Anne Webb-Johnson, Ellyn Weiss, Rob Westerberg, Arlene Weston, Mallory  White, William Wibel, Joshua Wilmoth, and Sheldon Winicour.

Images, left-right by descending row: Rebecca Johnson, Pamet River Truro; Jim Broussard, Water View; Jackki Kouffman, Dune-time Dream; Joan Kenney, Embers; Cynthia Cole, Sangrita Mit Pizza; Maeve O’Donovan, Invocation; Ro Weichman, Ptown Memory; Christine Niles, Lunch at Angel Foods; Suzanne Packer, Cape Waters III; Hugo Rizzoli, Summer Slant, 2019; Catherine Skowron, Winter Wind; Scott Haag, The Environmental Threat in Office Attacks the Seashore