The Napi and Helen Van Dereck Collection: Part III


This third installment of the Napi and Helen Van Dereck Collection features the work of an array of historic Provincetown artists, including Evelin Bodfish Bourne, Oliver Chaffee, William Halsall, Charles Hawthorne, Blanche Lazzell, and Lillian Meeser, among others. Napi passed away on Christmas Day, 2019 and, in the time since, we have honored his legacy and keen eye through two exhibitions of his collection.

Part III adds to the rich and historically significant Provincetown narrative that Napi developed while collecting. Every work has a story – the scenes of Town represent “the way it used to was.” Each artwork was carefully selected for a personal reason and he could tell you, in detail, the back story. We are so grateful to Helen Van Dereck for allowing PAAM to exhibit this unprecedented collection and I would personally like to thank Jim Bakker for his assistance in getting this body of work together.

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Image: (L-R) Kathi Smith, New Blossoms, Ancient Tile 3, Collection of Napi and Helen Van Dereck; Oliver N. Chaffee, Mr. Caliga’s Studio, Collection of Napi and Helen Van Dereck.