The Same Four Walls: Intimate Interiors from the Permanent Collection

From The Same Four Walls: Intimate Interiors from the Permanent Collection


The past 20 months have given us time and desire to examine our private spaces, reorganize, declutter, clutter, and declutter again. The walls that surround us became the vistas we peered at every day. In some ways, our familiar items became catalysts for creativity, and in other ways, they inspired big changes. This exhibition seeks to explore the interior as both subject and muse. Artists capture their surroundings in various ways – how does the space we inhabit inspire us.

Some works in this exhibition present the artists’ space lovingly constructed. Others are an expression of solitude, be that lonely or triumphant. Still others analyze the activities we perform when faced with isolation – the tiny detailed
template for a color print, or the painstaking act of painting a human face in order to then photograph it.

As you walk through, allow yourself to reflect upon the changes you’ve made on or within your four walls. What does the space you inhabit say about you? What does it convey to you? How do you feel in it? How have those feelings changed, eroded, or intensified over the past 20 months?


Hundreds of artists have, for shorter or longer times, called outer Cape Cod home. Many of them are represented in the PAAM Collection, which has over 3,000 works by more than 700 artists.

The Museum also holds an extensive archive of materials referencing the artists whose work is represented in the collection, as well as ephemera associated with the continual activities of the Museum and Association. The Museum provides these resources on request to scholars and historians.

Image: Patricia Suarez (b. 1974), Me and My Mother, Dead in Bed, 2005, Silver gelatin print, 2/7, 16″ x 19″, PAAM Collection, Gift of Stephen Desroches, 2016