Adelaide Newhall: Remember That All Painting Is Seeing, Not Doing

Adelaide May Newhall (1884-1960) was a landscape and portrait painter who worked in the tradition of the Cape Cod School of Art, where she was a student of founder Charles Hawthorne.

Newhall’s work, described by the curator as “bold and sculptural”, depicts a Cape Cod setting that is rural and rustic. Her Wellfleet cottage and its surroundings provided the backdrop for oil paintings, through which we can observe a Cape Cod of an earlier era.


Born in Worcester, MA, Newhall earned her B.A. degree from Smith College and also studied art at Syracuse University. She was a teacher in Upper Montclair NJ and summered in South Wellfleet. She spent much of her summer painting landscapes and portraits in oils, while also studying with several prominent Cape Cod art instructors, including Charles Hawthorne and Jerry Farnsworth. Hawthorne, who was one of America’s most inspiring art educators, established the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown which had helped make the town a leading artists’ colony.

Thank you to this exhibition’s sponsors, Jack Krumholz and Marjorie Jacoby.