PAAM: The 3D, Virtual Experience

No matter where you are in the world, you can visit PAAM right now!

PAAM is pleased to present PAAM: The 3D, Virtual Experience. Because of the generous contributions of our donors, we have purchased software that allows us to create 3D renderings of our galleries. In this way, PAAM is accessible to those who cannot visit us in person. Click this link and you’ll be instantly transported to a 3D virtual tour of our current exhibitions.

More Details:

? Green circles = An individual artwork (provides artist name, title, date, and a larger image of a collection work)

? Yellow circles = Full label information in the form of checklists

? Orange circles = Links to additional/external info

How do I move?

Click a point in front of you or hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse around to look around you.


Let us know what you think! Email or give us a ring (508-487-1750) to let us know your thoughts on this new software.