PMPM + PAAM Members’ Juried Exhibition

Please note: this exhibition is on view at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum.

In 2021, amidst global uncertainty of where the pandemic was leading us, PAAM and PMPM teamed up to offer artists a place to showcase their work, and offer visitors to the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum an opportunity to bask in the talents of our member artists.

Members of either organization are welcome to submit. This exhibition is Juried, meaning a third-party curator or team of curators selects work that will create a harmonious exhibition. Work will be installed for the duration of PMPM’s 2023 season.

Members of PMPM or PAAM enjoy free admission to either institution in 2023; please check individual websites for hours (, Joint admission passes will be made available to the general public for $30.


Ramon Alcolea, Lennie Alickman, Nathaniel Ayala, Heather Blume, Eric Beck, Mark Brennan, Jim Broussard, Walter Baranowski, Janet Beattie, Denny Camino, Karen Cappotto, Jackie deRuyter, Mark del Franco, Carolyn Dunford, Bill Evaul, Taylor Fox, Jean Fogg-Brock, Michaelangelo Giaquinto, Kenneth Hawkey, William Hamlin, Jo Hay, Peter Kalill, Lauren Kalita, E. Kevin King, Paul Kelly, Robert Morgan, Hilary McHugh, Maureen McCarron, Rosalie Nadeau, Christopher Nicholson, Jamie O’Neill, Donna Pomponio, Hugo Rizzoli, Sian Robertson, Kurt Reynolds, Jean Smith, Laura Shabott, Jessica  Teffer, Joe Trepiccione, Mike Wright, and Laurence Young.


Contemporary artists are drawn to Cape Cod, inspired by the natural landscape, luminous light, and the vibrant creative community that exists here. For more than a century, Provincetown has been a major center in the development of modern art in America and a cultural outpost for artists of all kinds.

Artists represented in this exhibit are members of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, which continues to document and anchor the oldest continuous arts colony in the nation, and the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum, a special historic marker and resource for this area.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of curating numerous exhibitions in museums, and each one is a unique and exciting challenge in which I am introduced to new extraordinary artists. While this juried exhibition does not have a singular organizing theme, I grouped the art informally around visual relationships that emerged between the pieces.

Collectively, this exhibit represents outstanding artwork that reflects the talents and diversity of styles of our region’s artists. Some capture the dreamy colors and light effects of the Cape Cod sky and waters; others memorialize well-known landmarks such as the Pilgrim Monument, a beacon atop the hill.

Several artists explore mixed media and incorporate found materials or discarded objects to provide texture and dimension to their evocative artworks. A number of artists explore portraits of everyday people at work as well as notable figures. One grouping reflects an interest in surrealism with beautifully poetic, unfamiliar, and dreamlike imagery.

I hope that you enjoy this mix of emerging and established artists and find inspiration as you discover each artist’s perspective and craft.

-Sarah Johnson, PhD. Executive Director, Cahoon Museum of American Art

We look forward to seeing you at PAAM and PMPM this year!