Recent Gifts to the Permanent Collection: Part III

This exhibition is the third part of a series highlighting the recent gifts that have come into PAAM’s permanent collection over the last two years.

As in other recent gifts exhibitions, this collection of artworks reflects both historically significant artists to Provincetown and PAAM—like Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche, two pivotal teaching artists and leaders in the early days of the Provincetown art colony—and also contemporary artists who are part of the modern-day fabric of today’s Cape Cod arts community. 

Many of these recent acquisitions represented unique opportunities for PAAM, whether it was adding an artist to the collection for the first time or deepening and diversifying an artist’s representation in the permanent collection.

This installment of our Recent Gifts series also showcases a special collection of works by Provincetown Printer Tod Lindenmuth and noted watercolorist and printer Elizabeth (E.B.) Warren (the two artists were married), donated in 2022. Special collections like this offer opportunities to expand PAAM’s educational and exhibiting potential.


The permanent collection is an important measure of any museum’s value. At PAAM, the holdings of local and regional art is extensive and dynamic, comprising more than 4,000 works by over 900 artists who have worked in Provincetown and on Cape Cod. Each year, PAAM presents at least two exhibitions showcasing some of the recent gifts donated to our permanent collection. As an actively collecting museum, PAAM receives on average nearly 100 new works each year, and these exhibitions allow us to proudly display a selection of those works, some of which represent our first works by an artist in our permanent collection. We extend our deepest gratitude to our new and continuing donors.