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Christine McCarthy is the Chief Executive Officer of PAAM (since 2001). She is responsible for all artistic, administrative, fiscal and strategic directions at PAAM, the largest presenter of Cape Cod art by national, regional and international artists. Since 1985, McCarthy has worked in numerous galleries and museums in New England. They include the Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery at Providence College; the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, CT; The Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, NY; and The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, MA. She received a B.A. from Providence College in Providence, RI in 1989 and an M.A. from Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY in 1992. She was an adjunct professor at Boston University’s Metropolitan College, and taught Managing a Visual Arts Organization for 12 years. She loves cooking Italian food for family and friends, taking her dog Romey for a walk, and spending time with her wife Evette.

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Seth is a native Cape Codder who has lived here his whole life, save for the years when he went away to college. He graduated from UMass Dartmouth in 2014, where he double majored in Visual Design and Art History.

Seth worked as a picture framer in Orleans for 10 years, both while in college and after graduation. Upon graduation he took on a part time job as a designer at a marketing agency before joining the staff at PAAM in 2016 as the Registrar. Seth’s duties include caring for the collection and facilitating loans of PAAM collection works, but he also assists Jim with caring for and sharing the PAAM archives, as well as working as a preparator for exhibitions.


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Christine Burns is a Provincetown native with a B.A. in Art History and Spanish from Wellesley College. She grew up visiting PAAM with family and school groups before interning in the Youth Education Department during the summer of 2017. Christine has worked at the front desk and as the interim Communications Officer at PAAM. Now, she works as the Social Media Officer. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, eating sweets, and driving around the National Seashore.

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Bill Burton grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and attended the University of Arizona in Tucson. It is there that he began his career in retail which eventually brought him to Boston where he worked for Filene’s  and Macy’s as a Merchandise Manager and eventually as a Store Manager. When he finally retired as a retail executive, he went back to school to obtain his Master’s Degree in History from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Bill has been living full-time in Provincetown since 2018, and is currently the Chairman of the Provincetown Cultural Council. In addition, he is contributor to the Provincetown Banner Newspaper and the Gay and Lesbian Review magazine. In his spare time, Bill enjoys going for long bike rides and is an avid reader.

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Grace Emmet is the Curator of Adult Education for the Lillian Orlowsky William Freed Museum School here at PAAM.

She is a visual artist, teaching artist, and certified educator. She holds her BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and spent college summers working at an art gallery in Provincetown as well as a summer intern with PAAM during their centennial celebration. During these summers are when Grace first fell in love with the art, the whimsy, and the salty air of Provincetown. Following graduation from MassArt, Grace worked as a designer at a wallpaper company outside of Boston for several years. However, her search for an artistic community led her back to the Outer Cape where Grace became a year-round resident, the last one in her family to do so.  Grace returned to PAAM as a teaching artist in their Youth Programming and, prompted by the COVID-19 outbreak, applied for an emergency teaching license to teach art in an elementary school during the pandemic school year. Though her time in public school was brief, the transformative experience shaped her values and goals as they relate to supporting education and the arts.

Grace is fond of strolling on the beach and in the pine forests, collecting seashells, plants, and mushrooms. Her artistic work centers on her fascination with the natural world and experimenting with painting, natural dyes and inks, as well as recycled and foraged materials.

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Pam Hudson grew up on Cape Cod in the Town of Barnstable.  She subsequently spent time living France, Spain, New York City and the Hamptons before moving to Provincetown in 1988.  Years of dabbling in drawing and painting naturally led her to participate in workshops taught by some of Provincetown’s most well-known artists.

Pam has had day jobs at Napi’s, the Center for Coastal Studies, the Dolphin Fleet, the Town of Provincetown and at PAAM since moving to Provincetown.  Now mostly retired, she lives in Wellfleet and spends her spare time painting.

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Annie grew up in Albany, NY, leaving only to make frequent sojourns to Provincetown with her family; she spent her first 6 summers living at The Cape School of Art, where her father taught painting classes. She received her BA in English and Women’s Studies and her Masters in Public Administration, both from Clark University. She moved to Provincetown in 2010 for the summer after college on a whim, but soon discovered the right doors opening that convinced her to give the Provincetown off-season a try: a cute winter rental in the East End, a boyfriend with a cat, and a job offer from PAAM.

Annie is a soon-to-be resident of the distant land known as Orleans, where she’ll be raising two daughters with her partner, Erik. When she’s not at the beach, she’s reading a book at home or playing music too loudly while cooking.


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A native to Burlington, Vermont, Lesley’s family moved to Tallahassee, Florida, when her grandparents bought a dairy farm there in 1989. She grew up in the south, eventually graduating from FSU with a Master’s Degree in Art History in 2009. While in grad school, and for a year afterwards, she worked as a curator before moving to Provincetown in 2011 to take a summer curatorial internship at PAAM, believing, as so many visitors to Provincetown do, that she would move away after the summer concluded. Ten years later she’s still here. Lesley has worked as a curator, as an assistant in the youth education programs, and now devotes her time at PAAM to development and events.

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PAAM Facilities Manager Bill Rigby lived in Boston and worked at Logan Airport for 20 years, until moving to Cape Cod in 2002. Here he started his own landscaping business in 2003 and worked full-time outside, under the sunshine, until he saw an ad in the paper for a part-time job at PAAM. He came aboard in 2012, and switched to working full time here in 2015. His love for art museums began when he was a boy living on the North Shore, when his Grammy Iowe, an oil painter, would take him to visit the Peabody Essex Museum. As a child, he came to Wellfleet in the summers with his parents, where the family enjoyed a summer cottage. His love for the Outer Cape only grew and he spent his college summers in Provincetown. He now lives in Truro with his husband Marty and their dog Pippen. Bill’s favorite thing to do is run on Longnook Beach, and you’ll see him out there year-round, weather not-permitting.

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Grace Ryder-O’Malley was born and raised in Provincetown. She attended Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, CT before receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from Smith College in English Language and Literature and Neuroscience. She earned her Master of Science from Boston University in Arts Administration.

Her love for the arts began as a kid frequently visiting PAAM. She worked backstage at the Provincetown Repertory Theater (now the Provincetown Theater Foundation) through high school. A college internship at the Fine Arts Work Center morphed into a full time job and made her realize it was where she wanted to focus her professional career. She joined the staff at PAAM in 2008.

She began working in the education department, before moving into Community Relations & Operations, and now serves as the Chief Operating Officer.

Grace serves on the Scholarship and Trust Administration Committee and the Friends of the Provincetown Public Library. She was the chair of the Provincetown Cultural Council and vice-chair of the Provincetown Planning Board. She lives in Provincetown and enjoys having family nearby. She lives with her husband Todd and their cats.

As a kid, Grace’s parents would ‘drag’ her to cultural institutions; she disliked it so much that she referred to museums as ‘the m word’ and begged for a vacation at an amusement park. Clearly, times changed and her parents’ love for the arts paid off. Both Grace and her parents are thrilled that she came around to love ‘m’ words!

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Tessa Bry Taylor is an artist, educator, and researcher dedicated to furthering the public conversation about art education. She specializes in Creative Youth Development, Arts Integration, Curriculum Development, and Teacher Education. Her most recent research addresses the deficit of available training programs supporting young artists entering the field of Education. Recent previous work includes serving as a founding Executive Director and Education Director of Peregrine Theatre Ensemble, Provincetown, MA and Associate Director of Education at the Boch Center, Boston, MA. Tessa has worked in various capacities within art and education on the Outer Cape as well as in Boston, New York City, and Minneapolis, MN. Tessa is a graduate of the University of Minnesota (BA. Theatre), New York University (MA, Educational Theatre), and is nearing completion of a PhD in Education within the Graduate School of Education at Lesley University. After nearly 15 years of being an off and on resident, she is thrilled to have recently settled in Wellfleet full-time with her husband Nat, and two young daughters, Maeve and Willa.

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Lydia Vivante worked at Fisher Landau Center for Art in Long Island City, New York and at Julie Heller Gallery here in Provincetown. She serves on the Recycling Committee and Historical Commission in Wellfleet, her hometown. She was born in Boston and raised in Wellfleet, but her family also lived in Italy (Siena and later Rome).

When she’s not at work, Lydia enjoys painting, foraging, and being outside.

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Jim Zimmerman’s first visit to Provincetown was in 1968, but it wasn’t until 1970, as an art student studying with Gandy Brodie, when he learned about Provincetown’s history as an art colony. His first visit to PAAM was that same year, to see a painting by his mentor hanging in an exhibition. While honing his skills as a young artist, he lived in Vermont and worked in New Hampshire, until one morning he woke up in -25 temperatures, no wood, no gas, and flat-as-a-pancake car tires from the bitter cold temperatures. He called his friend who lived in Provincetown and asked to borrow money. The friend didn’t have money but did have a place, where he offered Jim to stay, until he got on his feet enough to eventually move to New York. Jim moved to Provincetown in the fall of 1970 and since then has moved only once, to Truro.

During his pre-PAAM years in Provincetown, he managed retail stores and sold hammocks. In 1987, he was invited by then PAAM director Bill Evaul, and member of the Board Napi van Dereck, to oversee the building and grounds responsibilities. He was hired on a trial basis for the winter, and his first job at PAAM was to facilitate the Thanksgiving Craft Fair, which was held in the Hawthorne Gallery. According to Jim, facilitating the craft fair meant chalking out areas on the floor where the vendors would install themselves, and the rest was up to them.

PAAM was closed during the winters back then, so Jim got his start in archival work that first winter by going through old files and cataloging articles, photographs, and old exhibition brochures. When the weather warmed again, he was offered a full-time position at PAAM and accepted.

Jim traces his photography skills back to his time at PAAM, when he had to take photographs for in-house use. He built a darkroom and developed his own black and white photos right here. Now, Jim serves as PAAM’s Photographer, Archivist, Exhibition Installer, and all-around Genuine Good Guy.