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Each year PAAM mounts upwards of 5 members’ open and juried exhibitions in which participants display their work alongside some of America’s most noteworthy artists.

These exhibitions represent the work of PAAM’s contemporary artist-members, many of whom live on Cape Cod either full-time or for part of the year. While the work varies greatly in media and approach, each artist-member joins a long roster of distinguished artists who have studied, taught, and exhibited at PAAM over the past 100 years. There is no submission fee for members’ exhibitions, but membership must be up to date.

Juried exhibitions at PAAM represent a smaller cross-section of member artists whose work has been chosen by a guest curator after being submitted. Each show reflects the aesthetic judgment and curatorial eye of the invited curator. Any member in good standing may submit their work for consideration. Except in special circumstances, Juried exhibitions do not have themes or size restrictions.


“Delight. Awe. Intrigue. As I reflect on the jurying process, these three words float to the surface of what drove my selections. As a curator, I’m an intuitive worker and over the years, I’ve learned to trust and listen to that intuition. All of these works stopped me in my tracks. Perhaps one made me smile. Perhaps another surprised me. Sometimes a piece made me uncomfortable. I am always moved by craftsmanship or moments where materials are pushed in new and surprising directions. A beautiful way with a line. A baffling use of masking tape. Conversations emerged between pieces. Sometimes it was a formal connection such as a repeated color or composition. Sometimes it was more conceptual, as if two works were dancing around the same ideas or feeling. 

Thank you to PAAM for inviting me to jury this exhibition and to all of the artists for sharing your work. It is not an easy thing that we do: putting our work out into the world to be seen and judged by others. I accept this role with much humility. It was truly an honor.”

Amanda Wastrom is a curator, writer, and artist based in East Sandwich, where she lives with her family, a flock of chickens, and an overgrown garden. On any given day, you’ll find her knee-deep in a beehive, cutting, gluing, and scribbling on leftover scraps of paper, or up on a ladder at Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich, where she has worked as a curator since 2017. Over the past fifteen years, she has worked with museums and cultural organizations throughout the region including Highfield Hall & Gardens, Falmouth Museums on the Green, Osterville Historical Museum, Cape Cod Art Association and Cape Cod Museum of Art. To find her online, go to or @amanda-wastrom on Instagram.


Diane Arbeit, Susan Bernstein, Heather Blume, George Booth, Colleen Brady, Mark Brennan, Chip Brock, Jim Broussard, Rebecca Bruyn, Lisa Cohen, Barbara Cohen, David Conroy, Greg DeLory, Alice Denison, Joerg Dressler, Elias Duncan, Edward Dusek, Charles Eastman, Chris Firger, Carol Flax, Carole Freehauf, Jeffrey Greene, Michael Guy, Sheryl Jaffe, Nancy Jenner, Lauren Kalita, Chris Kelly, Robert LaPointe, Robert Leaver, Carlotta Luke, Keith Maclelland, David Mamo, Maureen McCarron, Hilary McHugh, Ann McQueen, Deb Mell, Diane Messinger, Cherie Mittenthal, Bruce Monteith, Sara Moran, Rosalie Nadeau, Nicholas Nobili, Dominique Pecce, Neal Personeus, Murat Recevik, Susie Rhatigan, Sian Robertson, Carole Rollins, Andrea Sawyer, Mariellen Serena, Maxine Smith, Cleveland Storrs, Lisa Ventre, Michael Walden, Lauren Wolk, Caren Zane.

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Pick-Up Day for included works is Tuesday, February 6 from 12-4pm (this has been changed from January 30).

We are happy to ship your piece back to you, please fill out the Return Shipping Form below to begin the process. We use USPS, and charge a $15 handling fee in addition to the cost of shipping, which includes insurance determined by the price you list for your piece. PAAM cannot ascertain the shipping costs prior to packaging and weighing the artwork for return. 

Alternatively, you can send us a prepaid label from your preferred shipper (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.) and a check for the $15 handling fee, or simply send us a blank check that we will fill out when we have determined your shipping charges. With any questions about shipping, please contact Lesley Marchessault:

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