Chester I. Solomon Life Drawing

Chester I. Solomon Life Drawing is PAAM’s open studio figure drawing series that occurs twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:30am-11:30am, year-round.

Occasionally we have cancellations or days off, so it is advised to check the schedule to confirm (click the drop-down menu below marked “Schedule”). 

Sessions do not have an instructor but are monitored by a volunteer student or by the Curator of Museum Education. Our models hold long poses on Tuesdays and short poses on Fridays. $15/ session (punch card option: buy a block of 9 and get the 10th session free). Students should note that beginning June 1, masks will no longer be required in the Museum School.

Life Drawing is currently using a hybrid framework: all sessions will be in-person, held in our Drawing Studio at PAAM. In addition, two weeks out of the month will be available on Zoom, streaming live from PAAM. Please check the schedule for details (click the drop-down menu below marked “Schedule”). 

As an in-person participant, you may pre-pay using the form below, or walk in and pay cash (exact change appreciated). Feel free to pay for as many sessions as you wish. You may purchase the punch card online, and pick it up in-person at your next session. 

As a virtual participant, you must pre-register using the form below. You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting shortly before the start of the session. 

In-Person Sessions will have limited capacity of twelve for the safety and comfort of our models and students. PAAM reserves the right to close the session once capacity is reached.

Image: Fritz Bultman, Tacke, 1968, pencil on paper, PAAM Collection, Gift of William Alexander

PAAM’s hybrid Life Drawing sessions are possible in part thanks to The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.

As an in-person participant, you may pre-pay using the form below, or walk-in and pay cash (exact change appreciated). Feel free to pay for as many sessions as you wish. You may purchase the punch card online, and pick it up in-person at your next session.
As a virtual participant, you must  pre-register using the form below. Please mention the date you wish to attend in the comment section of the registration form. You will receive a link to the zoom meeting shortly before the start of the session.
If you are new, Welcome! Please check out our Participant Guidelines before registering.
For In-Person Participants:
In-Person sessions will be taking place in the Museum School Drawing Studio, our middle studio originally built for Life Drawing!
Sessions begin promptly at 9:30am. Participants should arrive between 9:15 and 9:25am to set up – We ask that late-comers wait for a model break to enter.
When you arrive, please add your name and payment method to the sign-in sheet, where you may also sign-up to be a monitor.
Volunteer monitors: we are always looking for life drawing participants to volunteer as monitors; monitor duties include timing the model, making sure everyone fills out the sign-in sheet, and giving change to people paying cash. Each time you monitor, you receive a free session in exchange.
For Virtual Participants:
Virtual sessions will take place on Zoom, and a link will be sent out on the morning of the session by 9:25am. Once the model begins, participants must have their camera on and their microphones muted. Virtual sessions are live streamed from the in-person sessions, so you may overhear or see in-person participants. There is always someone monitoring the session over zoom, so please feel free to communicate through the chat function.

You can find more information in our participant guidelines.

In-Person Life Drawing : 

  • Location: Life Drawing will be taking place on the second floor of PAAM in our Museum School.  Our Museum School door is located by our Staff Parking lot off of Bangs Street (please note: we cannot accommodate student parking). Sessions will be in our beautiful Drawing Studio, the middle studio to the right of the stairs.
  • Timing: Punctuality is important, please arrive before 9:30 to set up. If you are late, we ask that you kindly wait to enter during a break as to not disrupt the model.
  • Code of Conduct:
    • Treat the model with respect at all times.
    • If you want the model in a specific position, illustrate it with your own body. Respect that a model can refuse suggestions for any reason.
    • Never touch the model
    • Use the model’s first name when addressing them
    • Cellphones should be off or on silent.
    • Participants who need to leave early should pack up and leave during a model’s break.

Virtual Life Drawing Guidelines:

  • Basics: You must be muted and camera on to participate. Anyone not following these instructions will be removed from the meeting.
  • Timing: The Zoom meeting will open at 9:25am; please feel free to chat and set up until 9:30 at which point you must be muted.
    •  If you are late and the model is posing, you may be left in the “waiting room” of the Zoom meeting for a few minutes.
  • Code of Conduct:
    • Treat the model with respect at all times; they are working outside of their comfort zone and taking a risk to model for you over the internet.
    • Use the model’s first name when addressing them.
    • If you want the model in a specific position, please type your suggestions in the chat box or wait until they are between poses to voice your wish. Understand that requests may not be possible for a variety of reasons.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, take a photo, screenshot, or close up photo of the model from your screen. You will be banned from participating in PAAM programming and will have an active membership revoked.
  • No unauthorized guests in the meeting room.

Zoom Tips:
• Different views are available: speaker view works best for Life Drawing and gallery view works best for catching up at the beginning of the class or sharing your work when the model is done posing.
• The model’s window will be pinned when they begin the session.
• If you have not used Zoom, please make sure it is downloaded and you are familiar with the basics.
• Check the chat box for suggestions.


Tuesday 7/2 (includes virtual option) – Colin

Friday 7/5 (includes virtual option) – Jen

Tuesday 7/9 – Sam

Friday 7/12 – Jim

Tuesday 7/16 – Jen

Friday 7/19 – Colin

Tuesday 7/23 (includes virtual option)  – Sam

Friday 7/26 (includes virtual option) – Jen

Tuesday 7/30 (includes virtual option)  – Sam


Friday 8/2 (includes virtual option) – Jim

Tuesday 8/6 – Frankie

Friday 8/9 – Beth

Tuesday 8/13 – Frankie

Friday 8/16 – Jim

Tuesday 8/20 (includes virtual option) – Colin

Friday 8/23 (includes virtual option) – Jen

Tuesday 8/27 (includes virtual option) – Colin

Friday 8/30 (includes virtual option) – Jim


Tuesday 9/3 – Frankie

Friday 9/6 – Jen

Tuesday 9/10 – Frankie

Friday 9/13 – Colin

Tuesday 9/17 (includes virtual option) – Sam

Friday 9/20 (includes virtual option) – Jim

Tuesday 9/24 (includes virtual option) – Sam

Friday 9/27 (includes virtual option) – Colin

*Models subject to change


Privacy Information for Models

PAAM does not release model contact information. If an artist is interested in hiring a model(s) and asks for contact, we will instead give the model the artist’s contact information to respect the privacy of models. Models may give out their private contact information to an artist using their personal judgement; saying no to working with someone is always okay.

Photographs of the model are not permitted.

Models who experience discomfort for any reason should not hesitate to stop the behavior, speak up, take a break, and report their experience to a member of PAAM staff.


Get in touch!

For more information contact:

Ruby T

Curator of Museum Education