Donate to the Collection

Selina Trieff image for Donating to the Collection

By donating to PAAM’s collection, you can help tell the story of the Provincetown art colony.

PAAM’s collection weaves together three major American art movements, focusing on Cape Cod’s art, history and landscape, and features artists who have lived, worked and shown here. The collection creates perspectives that uniquely define the Provincetown art colony as a necessary and established foundation to the larger art world. When you donate to the collection, you align yourself with established benefactors to PAAM’s permanent collection, such as PAAM’s five  founders—Charles W. Hawthorne, Gerrit Beneker, E. Ambrose Webster, Oscar Gieberich and William Hallsall—who all contributed their own art to begin the collection of over 4,000 exemplary twentieth- and twenty-first-century works.

You can donate to the collection by making a donation of art, providing funds of $5,000 minimum to acquire works for the collection, or irrevocably pledging a future gift of art. Completion of any of the above contributions earns the donor a listing in a publication and on the website during the year in which their gift is received or irrevocably pledged and an invitation to an annual event for collectors.


Contact PAAM Registrar Madeleine Larson ( to discuss donating a work to the permanent collection.

Image: Selina Trieff (1934-2015), Untitled #4, PAAM Collection, Gift of the Artist in honor of Robyn Watson, 1994.