The PAAM Part(ies): 2021 Edition

It takes a [fishing] village.

It takes essential workers. It takes artists. It takes fishermen. It takes businesses. It takes teachers. It takes you.

Last year, a small fishing village on the edge of the world showed their local museum what it meant to be supported by the community. It takes a village to keep the arts alive.

It takes you.

An opportunity to host a PAAM Party, right from your own home.

How It Works

Rather than throw an exuberant Gala in 2021, we invite you to host intimate gatherings in your home to benefit PAAM. You’ll invite family and friends (or maybe just you and your honey), and you’ll raise a glass to toast the village that kept the arts alive, and to YOU who support PAAM year-round.

Anyone can sign up to be a PAAM Party 2021 host, for whatever type of fête you can dream of. All types of parties are encouraged: cocktail, beach, dinner, brunch, dance, or a night on the town! The details belong to you.

The Levels

PAAM Circle Artist Donation: $250
Gift a PAAM Circle membership to an artist
$250 tax deductible
Household Sponsor: Pledge to Raise $1,000+
PAAM programs
PAAM masks (up to 10)
$800 tax deductible
Partner in Art: Pledge to Raise $2,500+
$1,000+ perks, plus:
2021 Partner in Art distinction for host(s)
Connectivity Box–host tools to connect every party:
• Ingredients and recipe for the PAAM Party 2021
signature cocktail (non alcoholic available upon
• Bouquet from Wildflower of Provincetown
• Step and Repeat photo background
$2,000 tax deductible
Premium Partner in Art: Pledge to Raise $5,000+
$2,500+ perks, plus:
PAAM CEO Chris McCarthy will visit your party and give a toast (PAAM Parties located between
Provincetown and Wellfleet)
Private tour of PAAM for up to 10 guests
$4,350 tax deductible
PAAM Party Champion: Pledge to Raise $10,000+
$5,000+ perks, plus:
Private cocktail party for up to 10 people at the
historic Mary Heaton Vorse house
$9,200 tax deductible
PAAM Party Sponsor: Pledge to raise $20,000+
$10,000+ perks, plus:
Dinner and Beauty
PAAM CEO Chris McCarthy will host 4 people for
a home cooked meal
Esthetician Evette Ramirez will donate 4 treatments
$18,800 tax deductible

The PAAM Party, 2021 Edition

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Thank you to our business sponsors.

Credits: Ella Grimm, Art Reach 2021, acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 in.
Maurice Freedman, Lobster Picnic, n.d., oil on canvas, 22 x 33 in.